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  • Mar, 27 2019
    Michael Oppenheim
    Miller Legacy Plumbing is a family owned service. I’ve found them to be honest, highly experienced, trustworthy and reliable, and recommend them as your first choice for plumbing service.

    First experience: we had a problem with our shut-off valve to the refrigerator. The first plumber came in, barely touched it and told us we needed to replace the whole assembly for $475, but he’d give us a discount to $375. We then called 2:10 Warranty, they sent out Miller Legacy Plumbing. Darren looked at it, made an assessment and then used some tools to budge it loose. Then, he turned it off and on a few times just to make sure it was operating correctly. Done. His analysis suggested it may have been turned off too tightly and skipped a thread. He then checked our water heater and gave us a few owner tips for self-maintenance.

    Second experience. We had a water leak in a ceiling. We callled 2:10 and requested Miller Legacy Plumbing. They came out and had to cut into the sheet rock to review the issue. He determined it was an electrolysis issue, and examining the pipe section he removed, confirmed it. He pointed out other plumbers might just say it was broken and leaking, and the warranty would cover that. However, he refused to be dishonest. Still, he did spend 30 minutes with the warranty company to see if any of his diagnosis would trip any warranty coverage obligation clauses. In this case, we had to pay out of pocket—but did so confidently we had an honest and master plumber working on the house. He repaired the section, cutting out only a minimum of ceiling to do so. Then, very thoroughly, he went to work and double and triple checked his work to ensure everything was put back together to last a lifetime—all the while explaining what he was doing or testing for, why, and how we could spot check for additional issues ourselves throughout the house.

    We also decided to ask them to perform work outside the home warranty coverage on our water heater.

    We won’t go to anyone else but Miller Legacy Plumbing. Where they can save us money, they do, and have done so both times. Their work is first rate. They are honest—so they tell us if we do or don’t need the work, and what we can do ourselves to save money. Each time they’ve come, they spent a litttle extra time educating us on what they were doing and what we could do to try and save money ourselves.

    -Mike Oppenheim
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